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Find out more about the committee behind the Hydrogen conference.

Stuart Dawson

Chief Engineer for Hydrogen, University of Sheffield AMRC, UK

Yaofan Yi

Hydrogen Program Manager & Energy Transition Advisor, Chevron Technical Center, USA

Titi Oliyide

Senior Safety Engineer, Supercritical Solutions, UK

Eugene Holubnyak

Director of the Hydrogen Energy Research Center, University of Wyoming, USA

Fernando Hentzschel

Head of Technological Capabilities at CORFO, Chile

Dr Faizan Ahmad

Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering and leading a research group “Hydrogen and Decarbonisation Technologies” ,
Teesside University, UK

Dr. Emilio Nieto

Managing Director at National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Experimentation Center (CNH2), Spain

Professor Sara Walker

Co-Director, Birmingham Energy Institute, UK

Technical review committee

  • Jennifer Hack, Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow, University of Sheffield
  • Mu Li, Energy Transition Advisor, Chevron
  • Stuart Dawson, Chief Engineer – hydrogen, University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC)
  • Faizan Ahmad, Associate Professor (Chemical Engineering), Teesside University
  • Carlos Merino, Technical Director, Centro Nacional del Hidrogeno CNH2
  • Carlos de la Cruz, Head of Simulation, Control and End-Uses CNH2
  • Jose Maria Olavarrieta, Head of Operations and Safety, CNH2
  • Beatriz Nieto, Head of Engineering Unit, Centro Nacional del Hidrógeno CNH2
  • Esteban Rodriguez Muñoz, Hydrogen Engineer, CNH2
  • Javier Tobajas, Electronic Engineer, CNH2
  • Luca Mastropasqua, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Jesús Ruiz de Pascual, Vehicles Laboratory Responsible, Centro Nacional del Hidrógeno
  • Gema Rodado Nieto, Head of Consultancy and Training Unit, Centro Nacional del Hidrógeno
  • Enrique Saborit Rojas, Mechanical Engineer , CNH2
  • Humbul Suleman, Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering, Teesside University
  • Titi Oliyide, Senior Process Safety Engineer, Supercritical
  • Eugene Holubnyak, Director of Hydrogen Energy Research Center, University of Wyoming