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The committee is ensuring the programme features:

  • Cutting-edge technical insights into optimising charger placement, grid stability and electrification of transport.
  • Case studies and lessons learned from EV infrastructure implementation.
  • Techniques for analysing and modelling complex real-world factors to determine charging infrastructure needs.
  • Interactive sessions where engineers can generate and refine solutions together.

Matthew Hobbs

Global Engineering and Quality Director, BP Pulse

Professor Nigel Schofield

Professor of Electrical Engineering, School of Computing & Engineering, University of Huddersfield

Ryan Simms

Lead R&D Engineer, University of Strathclyde/PNDC

Shamala Evans-Gadgil

Senior Programme/Project Manager, Coventry Council

Professor Collin Herron

CBE, Professor of Practice, University of Newcastle

Carla Bolado Pontigo

Senior Project Development Engineer - Electric Vehicle, SSE Energy Solutions

Dr Pedram Asef

Assistant Professor & Lecturer, Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering

Institute for Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems (IAAPS), University of Bath

Claire Miller

Independent Advisor, Innovator and formerly Director of Tech & Innovation at Octopus Electric Vehicles

Professor Robert Kelsall

Professor, University of Leeds

Professor Liana Cipcigan

Professor, University of Cardiff

Jeremy Yapp

Head of Flexible Energy Systems, Beama

Gareth Pritchard

Highway Electrical Association

Joachim Brandt

Head of Electric and Autonomous Vehicles, Gemserv

Alan Walker

Director, Syselek

Adrian Vinsome

Product Manager, EA Technology

John Lowes

Senior Technical Advisor (EV & Renewables), HVSS

Paul Nichols

Chief Technical Officer, Ubitricity Shell

Technical Review Committee

Prof Robert Kelsall, University of Leeds
Prof Nigel Scofield, University of Huddersfield
Dr Russell Fowler, National Grid
Dr Pedro Javier Ramirez Torrealba, BP Pulse
Dr Pedram Asef, University of Bath/ IAAPS
Dr Li Zhang, University of Leeds
Dr I Safak Bayram, University of Strathclyde
Dr Huw Thomas, Durham University
Dr Amir Abiri Jahromi, University of Leeds
Dr Alan Walker, Syselek
Dr  Shahab Dehghan, Newcastle University

Dr  Nur Sarma, Durham University
Peter Kittoe, BP
Paul Nichols, Shell Ubitricity
Matt Hobbs, BP
Kate Wardle, SSE
Ivor Cheung, BP
Carla Bolado, SSE
Callum Macgergor, IEng MIET
Benjamin Cowan, Coltraco Ultrasonics / Durham University
Aparna Yadav, BP
Alejandro Nieto, bp pulse

2024 Committee Call

We are currently preparing for EVI: Charging Ahead 2024. If you would like to be involved with either the Steering Committee or Technical Review Committee, please get in touch with the current event producer